The original is not around the parents, the beauty is rising? 21-year-old Lin Miaoke has a close-up photo and looks like Chu yunettle! - 湖北快三

The original is not around the parents, the beauty is rising? 21-year-old Lin Miaoke has a close-up photo and looks like Chu yunettle!

Original title: not around your parents? 21-year-old Lin Miaoke has a close-up photo and looks like Chu yunettle!

On August 4, Lin Miaoke posted seven self portraits on his diplomatic account with us. He revealed that he had saved so much for a long time. At the end of the article, he simply revealed his feelings. Her fans are cheering. Is it Chinese New Year today? The seven self timer is different from the style, but it gives the feeling that the female is eighteen. Before, she is always make complaints about her character.

It's strange that the first three photos of Hubei kuai-3 kill with makeup are the first three. It's not too young! Full of vitality, very boastful appearance, Hubei fast 3 kill, pure like a junior high school student. In the photo, Lin Miaoke is wearing a white T-shirt with a pair of braces, Hubei Kuai No.3, and a girl's perception plate. Light makeup with red lips is more eye-catching, crooked head sweet lemeng is a girl. She didn't expect to be separated from her parents and became more and more popular.

It is well known that she was born as a child star. At the age of 6, she has already made an advertisement with Zhao Wei, and Liu Xiang has also made more than 50 advertisements and 2 TV plays. After two years of vocal music training and four years of dance training, I thought she would be connected with Guan Xiaotong and Yang Zi to enter the entertainment circle smoothly. But the reality is cruel, after growing up, she is not very young girl, the main body fat, the harvest of the college entrance examination is not ideal. In addition, now that the number of fresh meat is increasing, and she is very light in the circle, Lin Miaoke is successfully thrown behind by experts.

Lin Miaoke has a special family tradition. Her grandfather is a famous Chinese painter Lin Han, and her father Lin Hui is a newspaper photographer. Her family doesn't approve of allowing her to enter the entertainment industry so early. She still wants to learn art first and then work hard. It can be said that she has a strong family education. Lin Miaoke turned himself in to sign up for any brokerage company. His mother helped to take care of everything. Therefore, shortly after the Olympic Games, Lin Miaoke slowly disappeared in front of most eyes.

When she focused on her study, other child stars were growing up and making progress in the circle. Yang Zi, Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Yishan all have foreign works that can be taken away from the circle. Regardless of their temperament, their acting skills can be regarded as mature artists. Not only do things awesome, but learning gains are also beneficial, three children I graduated from Beijing Film Academy, the top private school in the country, and the school gains were very high. The Nanjing Arts Institute that Lin Miaoke studied was somewhat out of rank. Experts are saying that she picked up sesame and lost watermelon, and finally achieved nothing.

her photos make complaints about white swans from ugly swans to ugly ducks. They are getting older and they are not able to manage their bodies. But now to see her plain Yan Zhao, experts can't help boasting that it's too pure! Out of her parents' control, she naturally became fashionable and avant-garde. What do you think of Lin Miaoke's recent photo?


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